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 Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

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PostSubject: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks   Fri Dec 08, 2006 5:01 am

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Before anything else, always follow your DSN trees! This is just a
last ditch guide in case your totally lost in your troubleshooting
with the customer. - from your friendly neighborhood L2's!


Always check if the printer you are t'shooting has a standalone
faxing capability(built-in fax/modem) or not! A surefire way to
check is to see if the printer has a phone port on it. remember,
only printers that have standalone faxing are: A960, 962, 964, 946,

...other than that they use the fax/modem of the PC!(BVRP and microsoft fax)

...always ask if there is an error displayed either on the LCD
screen or the PC(in case it is connected to the PC) when they try
to send or recieve a fax

...Use Efax!

...always simplify the connection! connect the printer directly to
the wall phone line to test the functionality of the fax,
disconnect every other device from the line (phone,answering

...ask if the cust has an answering machine service with his/her
phone company(this complicates things a bit), if she does, ask if
she has distinctive ring, check the pick up on how many rings
operator panel menu... call ur local L2 for support!

...important steps to remember:
*lower baud rate 9600
*Disable error correction on the 964 printer
*Use Print T.30 Signals Report and try to send the fax, read the last line
*Block ID must be off
*disable Fax-Forwarding
*last recourse, manually accept a fax
*disable fax-blocking

here's some addition to faxing issues (courtesy L2 Louie)

1. always check for a dial tone
2. handset should be on hook to send and receive fax
3. check if handset is defective, if possible replace handset and try sending fax again

4. ask cust if multiple phone line is used. Advice to buy a 2 line
phone adapter
5. filter should be installed if ADSL or DSL is in service.

No Built-in Faxing:

Only install BVRP, Microsoft Fax from the install cd of the
printer. Usually for microsoft fax, they need their XP cd to
install. After successful install, refer to third party for general
support usage of these, don't support unless ur pretty sure of know
knowledge of BVRP and Microsoft fax. Go to dell training for third
party contact for these and their installation.

*offer>fax console
*refer to BVRP support. Current support resources are:

Voice: 1-800-898-4971
Fax: 303-450-1154

Tree to Use:

9929 Standalone Faxing Problem [ Dell™ A960, 962, 964, 946, 966 Printers ]

9937 Dell™ Inkjet or Inkjet All-In-One Printer Problem: Print
Quality, Cannot Fax/Print/Scan, Gives an error or Blinking


109249 for scanning,
cant scan?- check if print spooler and Lexbce server are not
missing, if it is, re-install driver/ download driver/ replace cd,
courtesy of Sherwin Balgos


Print Quality Issues!

*First of all, always ask:

1. Did you just put in a new cartridge? (get order ID if yes)
2. Did the issue occur after putting in a new cartridge? (if yes,
problem might be with the cartridge, if no, probably with the

Clarify customer's response! Probe!

*Always remember that cartridges have seperate warranty than the
printer, 2 years for unopened and/or just put in cartridge, 8
months for currently being used cartridge(being used quite a while
already)...this applies to all ink ink cartridges, those that came
with the printer and separately purchased.

Basic steps are:

*cleaning contacts, nozzle
*cleaning contacts (u know these guys)
*printing out a test page, nozzle clean test page

Tree to Use:

***Print Quality Problem [ Ink Cartridge Issue, Dell™ Inkjet, and
All-in-One Inkjet Printers ]


Cartridge Stall Errors

*After resolving the issue using the DSN tree, always try to print
around 5 times to fully check functionality, because if you don't
the customer will call again regarding the same issue! HIT!
*courtesy of gracie.... hehe

Tree to Use:

***Dell™ Inkjet or Inkjet All-In-One Printer Problem: Print
Quality, Cannot Fax/Print/Scan, Gives an error or Blinking Lights.


3300 Carafe

Compatible with these printers
Photo All-in-One Printer 924
Photo All-in-One Printer 944
Photo All-in-One Printer 962
Photo All-in-One Printer 964

Use the DSN Tree! Believe me, don't troubleshoot blindly!

*First, confirm with the cust the make and model of his wireless
router! He might not be aware that he has no wireless network! if
no wireless router, he might be in Ad Hoc mode!

*Does the PC he is printing from connected to the wireless router????????

*Verify the security of his wireless network, WEP key, SSID, MAC...
DO NOT SUPPORT if the network has security and he doesnt know

*Remember to turn off the firewall and exceptions (asked your local
friendly L2's about this Smile) *courtesy of L2 jeremy and philip,
thanks guys!

*customer must have administrative account to his PC!

* check the ports on the printer properties, it must not be USB!

* If all steps on the trees fail while troubleshooting, transfer to
wireless department, courtesy of Trainer Remo!

*Disable antivirus or any form of security software

Trees to Use:

***Problems with the 3300 Wireless Print Adapter

***Cannot Print with Dell™ Wireless 3300 Print Adapter
NOTE: The Dell Wireless 3300 Print Adapter is compatible with the
Dell 810, 924, 944, 962, 964...Decision Tree
troubleshoots the functionality of the Dell Wireless 3300 Print
Adapter in all scenarios. It does not attempt to

Friendly ID : 296101 (3300 Wireless Print Adapter Does Not Connect
to a Wireless Router) ***use all trees option and go to printers,
wireless printer adapter because u cannot use the friendly id, it
will be blank..courtesy of L2 calvin, thanks!


USE the 292630 DSN tree for Damaged Parts,

Decision tree to guide technicians in handling missing, wrong, damaged, and complete care issues. "We will only use this tree for parts replacements received by customers which are either missing, wrong, damaged, and complete care issues. If there is indeed a damaged part found during troubleshooting, then use the closest DSN Journal that will match the case." - Howard (consulted this issue with SLY)


COMM Errors (PC cannot communicate with printer)

* Check USB Cable, try different USB ports and try other USB Cables

*Always select the printer as USE ONLINE, check ports, Check
USB(for USB connected PC)in the ports tab, Check wireless for

Courtesy of C.Consas Smile:

* Check Enable Biodirectional support, this usually fixes scanning issues.

* Check for multiple installation of the printer. delete the files in the folder C:\windows\system32\spool\printers

** for communication error. try another USB cable if available. if not try another port.

** uninstall and reinstall the driver using the CD. As per L2 Murray.

** always check the msconfig utility. under services tab, check for print spooler and Lexbce make sure they have check.

** check if the printer can print as stand alone.

**if the tree didnt work remove the device on safe mode. remove the device first on the device manager then uninstall the software and driver.

** always check to see if the printer is online!

**disable firewall and anti-virus too and check the connection again.

Use tree:
110210 communication error 944 printer

Done with all L2's cooperation, sorry if your name wasnt mentioned, you know you put it there! Smile

Guys, if you have any inputs on how to resolve printer issues, please let us know and we can give credit to your additions to these compilations...

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Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
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