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 Troubleshooting Questions

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PostSubject: Troubleshooting Questions   Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:12 am

Gather Sympton Data:

1. Would you describe exactly the problem you;re having?
2. When did the problem begin?
3. Has the problem occurred before?
4. What was running when the problem occurred?
5. Does the problem occur in any other application?
6. How long had the system been running when the problem occurred?

Identify Possible Causes:

1. Verify the system.
2. Verify what OS the customer is running. Did Dell install it?
3. Has any new software or hardware been added?
4. Was the system working before it was added?
5. Have you tried to remove it?
6. Are you attached to a network? (Dell NIC)
* What kind of network are you attached to? (Novell, Microsoft?)
* Does the problem occur if you disconnect from the network?
7. Has the system been moved or dropped recently?
8. What has changed in the environment (new equipment, construction, liquid, spills, etc.?)

Identify Possible Solutions:

1. What have you done to correct the problem? (Reload, Reboot, Reseat)
2. Have you removed all external devices or the Customer Removable Units (CRUs)?
3. Have you checked thes settings in System Setup?
4. Have you checked for malware on the system? (Anti-virus software, Add/Remove Programs, presence of pop-ups)
5. Have you run Dell diagnostics on the system?
6. Do you have a "know good" part you can swap?
7. Have you checked our Website for troubleshooting steps?
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Troubleshooting Questions
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