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PostSubject: INTERNAL QA UPDATES   Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:14 am

1. Agents need to update email address on the service tag header for e-survey purposes.

2. If customer is calling in on an issue with an ink cartridge with a
separate order number, agent should log the case under the service tag AND the order number, since e-surveys are sent to emails on the service tag header.

3. If troubleshooting was done, and customer immediately disconnected the call, agent should log the actual solution of the problem in the solution field.

4. An agent makes an outbound call. If he has not submitted the case yet, he should just go on with logging the inbound call, but he should note that the call got disconnected in the Description field.

If agent already submitted the call and call got disconnected, he should use the append button if it is available. If the append button is not available anymore, he should create a new journal entry, profile it as outbound and use the profiling of his previous inbound call.
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